What were your career goals when you first entered government? How has that changed over time?

When I announced that I would run for Congress in the fall of 2013, I had spent the last two decades as a community banker here in Arkansas. However, just prior to moving home to take a post at First Commercial Corp. (now Regions Bank – Arkansas), I had spent four years working for President George H.W. Bush during his administration at the U.S. Treasury and at the White House. Prior to my service with President Bush, I had five years working in commercial and investment banking as well as two years on the professional staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking. Thus, with that business background, I ran for Congress with a keen interest on prioritizing government spending, rightsizing and balancing the cost-benefit of federal regulations, achieving pro-growth tax reform, and creating an environment more conducive to spur new company formation and entrepreneurship. During the past five years, I have spoken out on these objectives and have introduced and supported legislation to achieve them; in many cases, I’m gratified by the success that has been achieved. Over time, my work has expanded to include a great passion for our men and women who have worn the uniform, our veterans. I’m proud to have a crackerjack military and veteran team of advisors on my staff, and together, we are working to advance important veteran legislation and provide quality service to our veterans facing individual challenges here in our central Arkansas.