I believe it is imperative that we ensure that our veterans get the medical treatment they need in a timely and efficient manner. Those who have served our country deserve the best care and caretakers to maintain their health. So far in the 115th Congress, nine bills have been signed into law that hold Washington bureaucrats accountable for failing to adequately care for our veterans. These bills improve backlogs and wait times, improve VA workforce recruitment and training, and fund more than $2 billion for the Veterans Choice Fund.

During my first term in office, I ordered a report from the Office of the Inspector General to investigate cost overruns for the Little Rock VA Hospital construction project. The report found rampant and widespread mismanagement, delays, and VA financial mismanagement of taxpayer dollars—a $1.5 million dollar cost overrun for the implementation of $8 million of solar panels at the Little Rock VA. This VA financial mismanagement pattern has been found throughout the county. If it is a project as complex as hospital construction in Denver or one as simple as the appropriate installation of solar panels, the VA continues to waste taxpayer dollars as a result of mismanagement. I believe those dollars could be better spent on much needed administrative services to speed benefit analysis and claims processing. We must continue to monitor VA construction activities to ensure avoidable financial mismanagement and waste ceases. Besides an increased eye on VA overspending, we must make sure our veterans receive the VA benefits they deserve, great care, timely service, and decrease the massive care backlog. It is my priority to make sure the VA continues to be held accountable on all of these fronts.